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A few words about 2nd edition of International Print Biennial in Lodz as long as I can remember it. Everything has began in 2015, then me and Marcin Wydrzyński had started organizing International Print Biennial in Lodz.

Now I want to skip last three years. This year everything was different because I have could not work directly over event organizing, so most of work has been fallen onto Marcin's hands. Marcin did amazing job. All artworks which you can see at the post-contest exhibition its just a small peek part of the mountain.

Biennial is an art event which take place every two years. All begins with online submissions afterwards we need to select artists for the second step of contest. After publishing the list of the selected artists, they are asked for sending original artworks for second step where our judges will select winners.

In the background of the International Print Biennial, many things has happened. Marcin had to to do many logistic actions like taking care about sent artworks by archiving them and later sending back prints to owners. I do not want to make this blog article too much technical so I will skip some facts.

Now I would like thank to everyone who helped us with organizing the final exhibition in Art_Ikubator at Tymienieckiego 3 street in Lodz. Who had helped us was students of Academy of Fine Arts and workers of Museum of Factory in Manufaktura. Without theirs support we have could not be able to organize this exhibition at really high level.

Also I would like thank to every artists who came for opening ceremony, especially I want thank to chines artists who had traveled from China to be with us! It was really cool to meet all of you from other side of globe, what connects us, is passion for printmaking and shared interest.

What has been clear for us is our graphic language which blurred all the ethnical boundries, religious, political and language barriers. I would like wish to myself and for everyone to expand our world without boundries and became passionate with art. I hope to see you soon in Chengdu, to our friend Cui Xiaohua.

photographs by Adam Marciniak / www

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