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Finally, NEW website! With new design you can find a BLOG page where I will publish posts about technology and printmaking equipment, art, studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and more!

Here we go, new drawings from Berlin and first preprations for the 6th Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial 2018!

Satyr on the exhibition in Poland! Artwork made in woodcut and plaster relief print technique, 250 x 124 cm, printed on Hahnemühle paper 350 gm2..

I have started to work on new art projects! I am about to finish a large movie project which took me around 2 years, hope to finish it soon..

For me it was insane experience of organizing and selecting artworks from all over the world! I hope that this event will end with big boom! Great thanks to my friends for help and support!

I visit Mauerpark every Sunday and I have never been disappointed with this place. I will keep going with short movie forms if somebody wants to join me just let me know! Keep in touch!

Berlin the city of artists. At the beginning is very hard to get into art scene. First step is to find a place to work, in Berlin there is a lot of private studios where you can find artists working together...

I have moved to Berlin and I live in Kreuzberg district. Hope to get new inspirations here...

The last printing process was to add an additional silver layer on the paper.

The last woodcut in this year. The size of matrix is 155 cm of height and 110 cm of width. At this moment this is the middle state of the print.

Nibiru has been finally revealed. The official premiere will be at the end of this year - keep in touch.

Right now I am finishing the biggest printmaking project that I have ever worked on. Nibiru has width 854 cm and height 280 cm. It was printed on Hahnemühle paper 350 gm2.

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