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I have own idea!

Do you have own vision but you do not know how to show it? Gypsum relief printing technique has wide palette of possibilities. That technique gives amazing effects in abstract and realistic styles, in the same time it keeps unique image structure. Do you have questions? Just mail me!

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Large Format

Do you want to create unique atmosphere around yourself, to interest people in your surrounding. Large scale artworks in Artistic Graphics are rare, this is why many among people who are into culture are interested with it. Large format gives really unique character into large office spaces and the same artwork makes mystic atmosphere inside private spaces.

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Small Format

You do not have to be an expert on art field to get interested with small graphic form. Would you like to make your surrounding more representative, but you are not convinced to buy expensive arts? Try with small format, which looks ideally inside office space or flat.

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The last printing process was to add an additional silver layer on the paper.

The last woodcut in this year. The size of matrix is 155 cm of height and 110 cm of width. At this moment this is the middle state of the print.

Nibiru has been finally revealed. The official premiere will be at the end of this year - keep in touch.

Right now I am finishing the biggest printmaking project that I have ever worked on. Nibiru has width 854 cm and height 280 cm. It was printed on Hahnemühle paper 350 gm2.

My Last print (5/7 edition) has been framed in horizontal orientation! Saturn has 280 cm of width and 124 cm of height, printed on Hahnemühle paper 350gm2

Additional printing process of Saturn. This is 5th copy from 7th. Saturn has been printed on Hahnemühle paper 350 gm2 with black and silver offset color.

Frameing the small graphic forms made in linocut and plaster relief printing technique!

I have just came back from a breathtaking journey around South Korea! It is a great artist's experience which will be inspiration for the upcoming arts.

Documentary film from the opening of the post-contest exhibition of the 1st International Print Biennial Łódź 2016. Sebiko Studio was a co-organizer of the event! It took place in Art Inkubator, a post-industrial building dedicated to help and promote creative companies at the beginning of their activity and to organize exhibitions.

1st International Print Biennial Łódź 2016, has presented short documentary film about judging!

This video shows how I work on with large size print in plaster print and woodcut technique.

Since 2015 I am a co-oragnizer of the First International Print Biennial in Łódź.

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